Credit Services


    Václav Habovský

    8.května 4, Šumperk

    Prima hypotéka

    We provide mortgage advice to individuals and legal entities. We will arrange mortgage loans at preferential interest rates and fees. Our full-service mortgage brokers get for free.

    8. května 497/37, Olomouc


    We provide quick telephone FINE loans without collateral, the whole Republic, and no fees for anything, from the amount of CZK 20 000, with a maturity of 1-3 years. To obtain a loan, you can fill out an online application or call FINE line.

    Sokolská 536/22, Olomouc

    PORFIN, s.r.o.

    We focus on providing advice on personal or family finances. Individuals and legal entities offer investment and credit counseling and advice on employee benefits. Advised as to how the investment loans.

    Křížkovského 843/5, Olomouc


    We provide financial interest-free loans up to CZK 100 000 on the sale of your property. Our real estate agency also offers advances up to half price of the property for 3 months without any increase. All real estate services throughout the Republic, and additional information by phone.

    Hynaisova 554/11, Olomouc

    SMART Capital, a.s.

    We provide speedy financial loans without collateral, throughout the Republic, without charges, and anything from 5000, - CZK above, with a maturity of 1-3 years. The offer is valid for both natural and legal persons. Requests can be entered by phone or online.

    Hněvotínská 241/52, Olomouc

    SMART HYPO, s.r.o.

    We provide fast financial loans without collateral (including property liability), throughout the Republic, free of charge and at anything between 20 and 000,-CZK amount, maturing in 1-3 years. The offer is valid for both natural and legal persons. Applications are accepted by phone and online.

    Sokolská 536/22, Olomouc

    Roman Čech - úvěrové služby

    Mediation and non-bank credit or loans.

    Pasteurova 905/10, Olomouc

    Gabriela Bělinová - úvěry a půjčky

    We offer credit and loans. Payment obligations and troubled clients.

    Bořivojova 235/1, Olomouc

    Keparent, s.r.o.

    We offer loans and arranging loans for clients at risk. Assistance with the payment execution. Offer loans against the property.

    tř. Svobody 956/31, Olomouc

    Reality & Finance, s.r.o.

    We offer brokerage of mortgage loans. We perform real estate activities.

    tř. Svobody 956/31, Olomouc(4. patro)

    Rudolf Krč - úvěrové služby

    We offer property insurance, bridging loans and cash loans.

    Krapkova 1159/3, Olomouc-Nová Ulice

    Bc. Ludmila Holoušová - úvěrové služby

    We provide non-bank and bank půjky. Even with no proof of income. We are dealing with seizure, arrest.

    Cholina 199, Cholina

    Irena Jurková - úvěrové služby

    Granting loans, credits and leasing. Offer real-estate activities.

    Nad Dymáčkem ev.č. 45, Náměšť na Hané

    Miloslav Chudoba - úvěrové služby

    Financial intermediation loans.

    Ústín 114, Ústín

    Ing. František Navrátil - Inapo

    We offer loan intermediation.

    Rataje 62, Těšetice

    Fins Marketing, s.r.o.

    We provide brokerage and mortgage lending. Seminars and training.

    Jižní 296/118, Olomouc

    Mgr. Hana Dvorská - stavební spoření a úvěry

    We offer financial advice and brokerage loans. We also arrange mortgage loans for various banks. Personal insurance, real estate entrepreneurs. Building savings loans and savings.

    tř. Kosmonautů 1143/8b, Olomouc

    Dalimil Toman - hypoteční poradenství

    I provide mortgage counseling and complete processing of mortgage loans.

    Dolní 648/49A, Olomouc

    Martin Slezák - leasing nemovitostí

    Providing leasing and leaseback of real estate. Comprehensive claims solutions.

    Jílová 533/10, P.O.Box 152, Olomouc

    Josef Hargaj - úvěrové služby

    Mediate loans and loans for employees, retirees and entrepreneurs with low tax returns. American provides the best mortgage.

    tř. Svobody 956/31, Olomouc

    Jiří Berousek - úvěrové služby

    The offer of sale, purchase and lease. Supply of credit.

    Krapkova 1159/3, Olomouc

    Infin Money & Success, s.r.o.

    Borrowing and lending. Payment of debts and liabilities, financial evaluation.

    Schweitzerova 81/44, Olomouc

    HT complet, s.r.o.

    Securing loans from bank and non-banking sector and credit of the EU and offer advice on debt recovery.

    Šantova 767/14, Olomouc

    Fantasy Management, a.s.

    provides banking, business, operational and investment loans, construction activities, advertising, factoring and company formation in Slovak.

    Horní lán 445/1, Olomouc

    Pavel Morávek - úvěrové služby

    Providing non-bank loans.

    Horní náměstí 14/17, Olomouc

    Zdeňka Zlámalová - úvěrové služby

    Offer mortgages, savings, leasing and loans.

    tř. Svobody 956/31, Olomouc

    SMART Corporation, a.s.

    We provide speedy financial loans and loans without collateral (preferably with property liability), across CR, no fees and anything from 5000 CZK above, with a maturity of 1-3 years. We offer loans to individuals and legal entities. Request by phone or online.

    Sokolská 536/22, Olomouc

    SMART Financial, s.r.o.

    We offer short term loans, fast loans from CZK 5.000, - to 50.000, - CZK. Short-term loans and loans without proof of income even without collateral, up to 2 days. Information on the phone, import sales representative to your home, money in hand.

    Sokolská 536/22, Olomouc

    Eva Hrubá - pojištění, spoření, úvěry

    Securing insurance, savings, mortgages and consumer loans.

    Krampolova 479/10, Šternberk


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