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We run a shop specializing in home appliances, electronics, cameras, tools, and computing with distributing to the house after the whole country. We offer refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, built-in appliances, TV, DVD devices, MP3, cameras, computers.

Na střelnici 343/48, Olomouc

DoktorPC - Kompletní servis pc

Vodní 42, Horka nad Moravou

TD computer s.r.o.

Internet and stone shop offering products of renowned manufacturers of computer equipment. Laptops, computers, GPS, LCD monitors, printers, printer cartridges, consumables and much more. Service work, repairs, cleaning, installation, backup, data recovery ... PCs and laptops.

Werichova 721/1, Olomouc

Počítačový servis Olomouc

Fischerova 763/7, Olomouc

Stanislav Škovran

Hodolanská 32, Olomouc


Vendor hardware and software, management and implementation of computer networks.

Kollárova 808/5, Litovel

Hlavní 24, Skrbeň


Rapid System, spol. s r.o.

Sell POS systems for restaurants and shops, hotel software, cash registers, scales, computers, computer networks. Sell material (ink cartridges, paper rolls), OEM products Anker (cash cartridges, keyboards, displays).

Chválkovická 143/66, Olomouc

Datamix Solutions, s.r.o.

Operation of the software.

Šlechtitelů 813/21, Olomouc


Vídeňská 986/22, Olomouc

Merit Group, a.s.

MERIT GROUP company offers a wide range of services, especially in information and communications technologies and systems to customers among companies and institutions.

Březinova 136/7, Olomouc-Hodolany

Helko computers - prodej hardwaru

We provide sales and service of new and used computer equipment.

Vodární 1123/4, Olomouc

eDIO KPK, s.r.o.

We offer repair and servicing of computer equipment. Providing expert advice.

Střední novosadská 9/16, Olomouc

C - Servis, s.r.o.

Sales of software.

Divišova 4, Olomouc

Espace Morava, s.r.o.

Provision of software projects, development of commercial applications and software components.

Ibsenova 128/12, Olomouc

Optima Dax, s.r.o.

We offer sales of Acer notebooks, bags and batteries. GPS navigation in cars DreimGO brands, Garmin, Mio, Navigon and TomTom. Sales of Nokia mobile phones, PDAs...

Lazecká 46/3, Olomouc

Marek Růžička - prodej softwaru

Offer distribution and support for ProgeCAD Professional - professional CAD program for 2D and 3D.

Foerstrova 961/17, Olomouc-

Bohdan Gallat - prodej hardwaru

Reseller of computer and office equipment.

Klicperova 189/18, Olomouc

OLC Systems, s.r.o.

Operation of the software.

U cukrovaru 672/5a, Olomouc

Martin Rašovský

Offer advice on software

Fischerova 698/16, Olomouc-Nové Sady

Doradus CT, s.r.o.

Sale system for monitoring and recording of calls, including call centers, turnkey, Internet telephony, bespoke software development.

Zelená 582/2, Olomouc

DXT, s.r.o.

Reseller of computer and telecommunications technology. Providing advice.

Přerovská 666/54a, Olomouc

Euro Nobel, s.r.o.

The offer of sale and service of information technology.

Vídeňská 1026/20, Olomouc

Mediso Art, s.r.o.

operating software

Vinohradská 2344/52, Šternberk

Jaromír Navrátil - Alfa Soft

We offer sales and software development for registration of correspondence.

Werichova 656/19, Olomouc

Jerid, spol. s r.o.

We carry out repairs and servicing of computer equipment. Providing expert advice.

tř. Svobody 43/39, Olomouc

Ing. Radek Janka - prodej softwaru

We offer sales of software for structural analysis.

Budovcova 110/3, Bystrovany

Ing. Vítězslav Šnyrych - prodej softwaru

Software and offer advice on hardware and software.

Na Vozovce 549/12, Olomouc-

Ing. Pavel Zedník - CODEX

Reseller of computer technology, including implementation of the computer.

Bukovany 123, Bukovany

Ing. Lubomír Dočkal - QDW Olomouc

We offer the manufacture and sale of software.

Pasteurova 935/8a, Olomouc

Ing. Libor Musialek - prodej hardwaru

We offer sales and servicing of computer and digital technology. Offer photographic services.

Rožňavská 668/8, Olomouc

Jan Galečka - Gala SOFT

Software offerings.

Fischerova 691/21, Olomouc

Ing. Antonín Ulmann - servis výpočetní techniky

We offer sales and service of computer equipment. Computer network administration. Software development and web site.

Hamerská 631/13, Olomouc

Ing. Pavel Švehlík - prodej hardwaru

Offer computer components and assemblies.

Krameriova 174/5, Olomouc

Ing. Miroslav Rous - prodej hardwaru

Sale hardware, software and PC groups.

Teichmannova 18/52, Olomouc

Ing. Michal Edl - prodej softwaru

Offer software.

nám. Republiky 422/3, Olomouc

František Holík - servis výpočetní techniky

We offer virus removing computer.

Zikova 633/5, Olomouc

Fram System, s.r.o.

Sales Information Systems Assurance archiving and digital documentation.

Táborská 106/14, Olomouc


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