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Sell pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, wedding and engagement rings. We offer products made of yellow, white and red gold, titanium and surgical ...

Tererovo nám. 3, Olomouc

MJC - Zlín spol.s r.o. (Branch Olomouc)

hair care products, hairdressing equipment, a wide selection of professional hair care products at great prices. We offer a wide choice: hair PAINTS, sauce, sha...

Mlýnská 952, (Vodní kasárna), Olomouc

OKNA Olomouc - Jindřich Nevěděl

operator of plastic windows

Hanáckého pluku 1153/8, Olomouc

kuchyně Elite

U Solných mlýnů 2, Olomouc

Dušan Navrátil

tř. Svornosti 57, Olomouc

Andrea Králová - on-line second hand

I.P.Pavlova 461/86, Olomouc

HD Metaldraft s.r.o.

Přerov I-Město

JKT OKNA Olomouc s.r.o. plastová okna

Wellnerova 1215/1 Ušák, Olomouc

Kuchyně JENSEN

Operation of the sale of furniture.

tř. Spojenců 1117/25, Olomouc

VTC, a.s.-Velkoobchod textilní galanterií

We offer a comprehensive service in the field of haberdashery and tailoring training, coupled with the delivery service. We offer stock over 5 500 items standing range. Goods delivered within 24 hours.

Plzeňská 868, Uničov

Nábytek Vladimír Slavík

Uničovská 838/70, Šternberk

UNEX, a.s.

We offer a bucket excavators for mining, large welded steel structures (bridges, port and gantry cranes, hall). We also produce precisely machined weldments (frames turbines, parts of building or forming machines), castings and forgings.

Brníčko 1032, Uničov

JKT OKNA Olomouc s.r.o. plastová okna

Na Střelnici 429/30, provozovna Wellnerova 1, Olomouc


Domašov 491, Bělá pod Pradědem

H - nábytek, s.r.o.

furniture sales operation

Uničovská 181/34, Šternberk

Tulec Trend

Great children's textile distributor in the Republic and Slovakia. We offer children's and baby clothes, clothes, hats, caps, hats, all with guaranteed quality fashion. Also operate a shop.

Tyršova 590/2, Olomouc

Zakázkové krejčovství Mazánková

Masarykova 24A, Olomouc


Operation of lights.

Jana Sigmunda 79, Lutín

AGC Olomouc s.r.o., člen AGC Group

We offer building glass, insulating glass, safety, bulletproof, fireproof soundproof, glass bricks - bricks, mirror, glass float, drawn, cast. Manufacture of insulating glass. Glaziers serve - cutting, glass cutting and drilling into the glass.

Příčná 1198/1, Olomouc

Michal Hegr - prodej vrat a bran

We offer a range of dealer firm Olymps Door. We provide sectional garage doors, industrial doors, high speed doors, rolling doors, automatic door drives and gates, gate fittings, bolts, caulking collars, bridge, roller blinds and nets, canopies.

Dlouhá 561/64, Olomouc

FARDIS CZ, s.r.o.

We offer polyethylene bags and bags of granulate, the primary: rolls, loose, printed sheet of PE: shrink, packaging, perforated, for building purposes. We provide rubbish bags for TS, villages, cities - different colors, printed.

Průmyslová 729/3, Olomouc

Creas, s.r.o.

We run a wholesale stationery, advertising and produce souvenir goods. We run for office, packaging, creative and graphic papers. We offer a creative services in the purchase of standard and specialty papers with emphasis on price.

Střední novosadská 4, Olomouc

OK DESIGN, s.r.o.

We offer light advertising, frame signs, boxes, Buttons, signs of buildings illuminated plastic signs, PVC self-adhesive graphic film. We provide large format p...

Holická 170/47, Olomouc

Bikos CZ, s.r.o.

Wholesale food facility.

Na zákopě 561, Olomouc

Prozk, s.r.o.

operation of the sale of paints

Rooseveltova 565/80, Olomouc


operation of plastic windows

Holická 1091/31b, Olomouc

Beta Olomouc, a.s.

Sales paving operation

Balbínova 364/15, Olomouc

Dopravní značení SVOBODA

We offer a continuous supply of road signs, including installation, design closure including road signs, license and implementation. We also supply horizontal marking paint, plastic and structural plastic. Removing old horizontal markings. Marking routes.

Pavelkova 2/2, Olomouc

Dveře Hradil

door manufacturing operation

U pekárny 687/18, Olomouc

Resat CZ, s.r.o.

operation of home theater sale

Náves Svobody 31/57, Olomouc

OK plast - Dům oken a dveří

operation of plastic windows

Dolní novosadská 70/65, Olomouc


Sales paving operation

U Panelárny 594/6, Olomouc

ESROM, s.r.o.

Sales of packaging such as LDPE and HDPE film, stretch film, sacks, PE foam, bubble wrap. Resells products from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and tape binding equipment, adhesive tapes, plastic moldings, blisters, separators.

U panelárny 1, Olomouc

VH Prospekt, s.r.o.

We offer engineering, civil, industrial and residential buildings, including the supply of interior. Further demolition and complete building renovations. We provide recycling building materials, stone crushing and screening. Sell crushed stone, gravel.

Wellnerova 1215/3, Olomouc


We provide full service in the production of advertising: billboards, neon signs, large print, billboards (offset and digital), graphic design, car stickers. We make information systems, promotional items, advertisements for textiles, self-adhesive foil.

Pasteurova 935/8a, Olomouc


We provide products for weight loss and increase lean muscle mass, energizaci and drinks.

Selské nám. 9/43, Olomouc

CASARREDO, s.r.o. - e-shop

CASARREDO, Ltd., e-shop offering furniture

Balcárkova 755/35, Olomouc


Wholesale furniture line.

U panelárny 538/1, Olomouc

Prefa H+Z, spol. s r.o.

operation cavity ceiling panels

Tovární 915/40, Olomouc


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