Estate services


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Antonín Klimt-reality

Offer mediation of the sale, purchase and lease.

Riegrova 397/11, Olomouc

Václav Habovský

8.května 4, Šumperk

Realitní portál

Ztracená 34, Olomouc (Olomouc)

TESCO SW, a.s.

We provide a comprehensive supply of software for managing and maintaining the property (facility management), geographic systems, monitoring systems and system integration services.

Jeremenkova 1142/42, Olomouc

Dachi, s.r.o.

Sales and rental of residential premises.

Ztracená 268/34, Olomouc


Operation of real estate agents.

Riegrova 373/6, Olomouc


We provide financial interest-free loans up to CZK 100 000 on the sale of your property. Our real estate agency also offers advances up to half price of the property for 3 months without any increase. All real estate services throughout the Republic, and additional information by phone.

Hynaisova 554/11, Olomouc

Eurogema CZ, a.s.

We offer turnkey construction (residential buildings, civil, industrial buildings), special foundation engineering (CFA piles, Frank).

Blanická 917/19, Olomouc

O.R.KA - Olomoucká realitní kancelář, s.r.o.

Operation of real estate agents.

Denisova 295/27, Olomouc

Metr2 reality s.r.o.

We offer professional services in the property market.

Krapkova 1159/3, Olomouc

Retfin group, s.r.o.

We provide full estate agency services, legal services, estimates.

8. května 522/5, Olomouc

PATRIOT reality, spol. s r.o.

Operation of real estate agents.

Horní náměstí 368/4, Olomouc


We provide quick telephone FINE loans without collateral, the whole Republic, and no fees for anything, from the amount of CZK 20 000, with a maturity of 1-3 years. To obtain a loan, you can fill out an online application or call FINE line.

Sokolská 536/22, Olomouc


Operation of real estate agents.

Ostružnická 326/8, Olomouc


Sales and rental of residential premises.

8. května 503/27, Olomouc

Eko Prima Fin, spol. s r.o.

Letting of own property.

Železniční 548/4b, Olomouc

Montana Reality, s.r.o.

Operation of real estate agents.

Riegrova 384/28, Olomouc

PV Investing, s.r.o.

We are a member of the network of Real Estate ČS We intermediate sale, purchase and rental of real estate and real estate. We provide mortgages. We carry out development projects. We operate throughout the Olomouc region.

tř. Svobody 401/19, Olomouc(budova České spořitelny)

Arden real estate

Operation of real estate agents.

Horní lán 1196/9, Olomouc


Fischerova 11, Olomouc

Josef Herentin - realitní služby

We offer buying, selling and leasing commercial and residential real estate. Securing advice on mortgages, loans and insurance.

ČSA 8/40, Šternberk

Bartoň a Partner, s.r.o.

Facility management.

Chválkovická 158/104, Olomouc

Michaela Müllerová - realitka

Operation of real estate agents.

Hlavní náměstí 94/6, Šternberk

DOBRO reality, s.r.o.

Real estate agency offers property buying and brokering the sale, purchase and rental of apartments, houses, commercial buildings and land.

tř. Kosmonautů 898/8, Olomouc

JISTA - Realitní kancelář

Operation of real estate agents.

Jaroslavova 173/4, Šternberk

Regionální centrum Olomouc, s.r.o.

We offer rental of meeting rooms, halls, classrooms and conference hall with a capacity of 1,000 people.

Jeremenkova 1211/40b, Olomouc-Hodolany

Safi Olomouc, s.r.o.

We offer commercial real estate management.

Wolkerova 138/31, Olomouc

Predio, a.s.

We offer rental space for offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Sell Property.

Holická 156/49, Olomouc-Hodolany

Dana Pospíšilová - pronájem nemovitostí

Rent their residential premises for business.

Domašov u Šternberka 78, Domašov u Šternberka

Hana Bryksová - REAL family

We offer a reality, we arrange the sale, purchase, lease.

Krapkova 1159/3, Olomouc

Alda Olomouc, s.r.o.

We provide estate agency services.

Štursova 836/6, Olomouc

AH Real Consult, s.r.o.

Mediation offer sales and rentals of houses and flats.

Horní náměstí 13/18, Olomouc

Byt a Servis, družstvo Olomouc

We offer administration, accounting housing, engineering activities.

U sportovní haly 542/3, Olomouc

Duo Real

Operation of real estate agents.

Na střelnici 336/6, Olomouc

AB centrum

We provide rental of office space and areas near the city center.

tř. Kosmonautů 989/8, Olomouc

Contended, s.r.o.

Providing real estate for sale and rent.

Horní lán 1231/41, Olomouc

Dagmar Galgonková-realitní kancelář

Services real estate agents.

8. května 517/15, Olomouc

Bc. Pavel Hublík-reality

Providing real estate, and financial intermediation services.

Pavlovická 124/4, Olomouc

Dalibor Adámek-realitní kancelář

Services real estate agents.

Riegrova 396/13, Olomouc

Marek Toul - realitní kancelář

We offer purchase, sale, lease and rental houses, apartments and commercial spaces. Creation of expert opinions, targeting real estate and legal services.

Potoční 1179/2, Šternberk


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